What is a Paramedical Examiner?

A Paramedical Examiner is a state-certified phlebotomist who performs blood draws and is trained to complete medical history questionnaires, collect urine and saliva specimens, complete EKGs, take vitals, which include blood pressure, pulse, height and weight, chest and waist measurements (only on males).  

Why do I need to fast before my medical exam?

Fasting can aide in the results of required blood tests for a more clear test result.  Fasting is not always required.  It is up to the individual insurance underwriter to specify whether or not fasting is required.  If you are required to fast for your exam, the examiner will specify the amount of time in which you should be fasting.

Why drink water before a medical exam?

It is important that you drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.  An adequate level of hydration helps maintain your blood volume, and also ensures that your veins will be less restricted, which will make the blood draw easier on the patient.  Drinking water will ensure that you are able to give a proper amount for the urine specimen collected.

What tests will be completed?

Each individual insurance company selects the tests they need for the underwriting procedure. MedicExams is requested only to collect and prepare blood for analysis; the insurance company gives instructions to the lab regarding specific tests. You are required to sign a consent form and a chain-of-custody form for your own protection.

Who will receive the results of your test?

The lab sends the results directly to the insurance company.

How much time does a medical exam require?

Depending on your specific requirements from the insurance underwriter, your exam should take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes.

Where do I go for this exam?

Our paramedical examiners come to you:  at your home, your place of employment, or other designated place that you choose. 

How can my clients get their results?

http://accessmylab.com Enter the barcode provided and last 4 of client's phone number.